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Say Hello To The Brooklyn Boys…

Racing’s Most Successful Team Of Private Handicappers
Has Just Gone Public

This is the first time we’ve reached out to the wagering public, but the professionals who have worked with us – and profited from it – we’re big news indeed.

We pick winners at the track. Value winners that often win in combinations that pay three and sometimes four-digits. Maybe you heard about us. We are four men from Brooklyn, Frank Attardi, Jo-Jo Valentine, Stanley Katz, & me, Roy Grillo. If you haven’t heard of us, it’s no surprise.

We had been playing Belmont for several seasons, we fell in together, started to compare notes and swap angles. We became everyday players and started carpooling to the track. We’ve been so totally focused on conquering this game there has never been any time for self-promotion. One day we decided to make it official. We put our original careers on hold and since then we’ve been busy winning.


As you’d expect, it took us a few seasons of trial and error to experience how everything interrelates: speed, distance, post position, pace profile. How do you tell if a horse is fit to run its best race in THIS race? You had to be half wise guy and half knowledge engineer. Data management was the biggest problem. I don’t know how but we did it. We learned how to use space age analytic tools such as genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic but we did it.

The more we learned, the more we won – until at the certain point – voila! – We had arrived! We were where everybody wants to be. In control and making money.

Imagine a playlist you can count on to deliver not only “standard” longshots, solid place and show bets but come-from-be- hinders, second-off-a-layoff horses, distance- switch horses and mystery shippers, to say nothing of $150.00 exactas and high 3 and 4-digit trifectas.

Imagine Best Bets Like These From Last Week?
5/3 - Race 3 - The Money dance - Win $8.40
5/3 - Race 5 - Soxy Ruby - 2nd Ex. $21.60
Loose - Win $4.60...Special Dividend - 3rd Tri. $103.50
5/4 - Race 9 - Holding Aces - Win $9.50
5/5 - Race 3 - Combat Controller - Win $7.70
5/5 - Race 5 - Charley McCoy
- Win $14.00...Tenenly - 2nd Ex. $166.00
5/6 - Race 5 - I'm The Captain Now - Win $33.60
5-6 - Race 7 - Neoclassic - Win $8.70

You can see why we’ve become a much talked about second source. We talk to everybody: trainers and clockers. Certain trainers use our information to help them decide which horses to train and which races give them their best shot to score a big win. From the yearling sales at Keenland to the Breeders Cup, we are behind some of the biggest moves in the game.

There you have it. Somewhat improbably, a team of “outsiders” has put together the analytic tools, work habits and connections to make a BIG winning package for the alert player who knows a great opportunity when he sees it. I hope that’s YOU. I know you have a lot of questions, let’s get acquainted and explore how to get you the money as fast as possible.

Call 1-201-204-7872 or 1-800-266-3994.

You can also give us a try here online, for just $49 a week, or $99 per month and get our best 3 races including the top exotics every racing day at America’s best tracks.


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