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John Piesen's
An Instant Classic

As publishers always in the hunt for sports and handicapping classic, our ears perked up when we heard John Piesen had a new system.

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Piesen, of course, was the man who set the world's record of picking winners 207 days in a row while handicapping for the Daily Racing From. (He had earlier set at the New York Post.)

And from what we heard, his new method not only picked winners but exploited a hidden edge in the place and show pools that the crowd was overlooking.

This was intriguing. In our own bailiwick - publishing - we had only lately come across hundreds of academic papers on the subject of horse betting - they seemed to be making the same point as Piesen.

There was W. Ziemba's
" Efficiency of Racetrack Betting Markets."
Thaler & Ziemba's
" Anomalies: Parimutuel Betting Markets."
The Woodlands'
" Market Efficiency And The Favorite-Longshot Bias."
Jullien & Salanie's
" Empirical Evidence of the Preferences of Racetrack Bettors."

The business school call this field of study Behavioral Economics but it boils down to a familiar idea: human weakness (greed) is responsible for inaccurate "equilibrium prices" (i.e., dumb track odds) - especially in the place and show pools and these prices can be pounced on for profit.

And that is exactly what John Piesen was doing back in '98 in the course of setting his 207-day win streak at the Monmouth-Meadowlands meeting.


He saw that in some races, if the win probability on a horse was high enough, and the crowd was not betting that horse to place and to show, there was an overlay that could be exploited. In certain races and under certain conditions, he found that making win, place and show bets on his top horse - in the right proportions returned a bigger profit than betting his top horse to win only - or betting all three horses in any combinations.

  1. This eye opening experience became the foundation for Piesen's new handicapping and money management method, THE PROFIT MAXIMIZER. Honed and polished by Piesen and his group in an extensive trial run, THE MAXIMIZER looked like just he kind of project we wanted to get involved with! So we researched an tested THE PROFIT MAXIMIZER . For total dollars, it won a unanimous thumbs up. All test players are still making money with it!
  2. It proved so easy to use it lived up to its second name - PICK AND PLAY 1-2-3, I worked it myself and got all Yes or No answers. There was no math, no "figuring," no personal judgment involved. Even an non every-day player could pick the whole card in 30 minutes!
  3. John Piesen had impeccable credentials: a proven record of 81% in-the-money horses as public handicapper over twenty years at the New York Post and the Daily Racing Form®. He had the respect of every trainer and jockey he'd ever met.

The only place THE PROFIT MAXIMIZER falls short, is that it's not an odd classic. But given the way it performed for us, we're convinced it will be. This method will enjoy a long and productive life with the players who use it!

Why not give it a try? To make it easy, we're offering THE MAXIMIZER at the price of only $40.00 SPECIAL INTERNET PRICE $19.95 (includes S&H) - a price within the reach of every budget - and a price that could pay of itself a dozen times a week.


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