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By Nassau (NY) OTB Ace Handicapper and Author of Daily Racing Form’s Handicapping Contest Handbook...

WHAT’S THE QUICKEST WAY TO PICK A WINNER? It’s not laboring over the pp’s. Or pondering the pace shape of a race. Or trying to balance out distance, speed and post position at the same time.


The angle tells you what information to look for. What’s important, what isn’t. What doesn’t show in the stats. What’s hidden in the pp’s. What’s likely to be overlooked by the crowd. It’s the short cut that cuts through the clutter of obvious information and zeroes in on the UN-obvious. It throws a spotlight on the one factor that outweighs all other factors. First time lasix. The second race after a layoff. Drawing an inside post in a two-turn race. A sloppy track, a blinker change. A horse coming off a losing speed duel.

Whether it’s based on fractional positions, early pace, pedigree, running style, class drops, cutbacks, medications - you want the angle that gives you edge, you want it explained so you can’t make a mistake - and you want it by your side race after race. Well, I’ve got what you want.

  1. Avoid sucker horses
  2. Blinkers on/off
  3. Cutback to better distance
  4. Dead on the board
  5. Exiting a key race
  6. Find fit and ready horses
  7. Good recent form... (the anti-angle)
  8. Horses for the course
  9. Ignore prep races
  10. Jockey/trainer combos
  11. KO’d in a speed duel? Try again next time
  12. Lone speed
  13. Medication changes
  14. Narrow it down only to what matters
  15. Outside to inside post moves on turf
  16. Polytrack
  17. Quitting Quitters
  18. Rough starts
  19. Second-time starters, second off the layoff, second off the claim
  20. Trouble lines (Trip handicapping)
  21. Up in price off a win or claim
  22. Van angle
  23. Wet tracks
  24. X-factors
  25. Yielding, good, or soft turf courses makes a big difference
  26. Z-pattern

“Winning Angles A to Z” means what it says. It gives you coverage from beginning to end. You get all the angles most in use by the sharpest bettors - the techniques that make - and save - you the most money. Just check out the list!

I explain each angle in detail. I tell you why it works and I back it up with example races. Then I show you how to use that angle to find the right horse. And because racing’s fundamental lessons are eternal, you can use my 26 angles to make track profits for the rest of your life!

With the “A to Z” Method you will uncover hidden value at every track you play. You’ll know...

  • When a horse that failed in its first try is really ready
  • When high-speed figures and sharp recent form mean nothing
  • When a claimer has been entered in a race it can win
  • When a no-name trainer has a better horse than the big names

Plus... “A to Z” shows you how to find horses that qualify for more than one angle so you can upgrade your chances of cashing a winner. This system assigns point values depending on which angles apply. All you do is add and subtract - and the horse with the highest number wins. The system shows you exactly how.

In 85 pages of text plus another dozen pages of charts, “A to Z” gives you all the explanation you need to make the most of each angle - along with sidebars, exceptions, comments, cautions and the like - designed to insure that you know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way!

What’s the cost? Just $19.95 (includes $4.95 S&H in the Continental US only. International Postage Additional). If I give you just one winner, you’ve already got your money back. And imagine: you can have this Treasury of Angles the rest of your life! And you can start winning immediately!


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