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“The Right Horse” Handicapping Method
By John Conte

  • $500,000 Winner of the National Handicapping Championship and Eclipse Award
  • Winner of More than 30 Handicapping Contests at Tracks Nationwide
  • Seven Times Qualifier for the NTRA-DRF Nationals
  • Star of the New Hit TV Show from Esquire TV "Horseplayer"
  • Successful Race Horse Owner

With Special Chapters on Maiden Races, Long Shots & Turf Race Winners.

Dear Racing Fan:

Ever since John Conte won his title as Handicapper of the Year in 2009, we at Heritage House have been urging him to write the method book showing how he won the top prize — who would not want such a treasure trove of handicapping wisdom?

Well, finally John Conte wrote his book. At Heritage House all the bells and whistles went off. We swung into action, got the presses rolling - and here we are with the first edition of THE RIGHT HORSE HANDICAPPING METHOD - jam packed with John’s winning formulas developed over 40 years of handicapping and winning thousands of races. He uses his own vast experience in every possible racing situation and by exchanging information with other contest-winning handicappers, trainers and jockey agents. As John says, “When you handicap every day, you notice winning patterns, specific situations and trends that appear over and over. You learn to take advantage of this situation that no one else has. That’s how you find logical long shots and ‘specialty’ horses that fit today’s race like a glove.


  • At Churchill Downs, Gulfstream, Santa Anita, Belmont, Saratoga, Aqueduct, Fair Grounds, Louisiana Downs, Arlington and Del Mar.
  • Wins on all surfaces: fast, slow, wet, sloppy and muddy tracks as well as any turf course.
  • Track biases that have determined the outcome of races for years.

In fact, cashing claiming to handicap to stake races with John’s Method is as…


  1. Finding the True Contenders from the field
  2. Determining the “Right Horse” From the Contenders
  3. Adding Up the Points and Betting the Winner!

As you would expect, his book is written the same way. An easy to follow program that is laid out in plain English. No calculations to perform. Just simple addition. Everything you need to win is either:

A Published in the Past Performances


B Contained In John’s Personal “Secret” Track Data Section

John has broken his “Right Horse” Method down into 4 Separate Areas. In his book, you’ll learn…

  • The 3 Part Method to Winning Races other than maidens.
  • How to Handicap Maiden Special Weight Races and Maiden Claimers
  • Special Longshot Spotter System that points out legitimate contenders 7-1 or higher in the odds.
  • Turf Secrets for all the major tracks, plus John’s personal “Turf Par Figs”to give you the edge in handicapping when shippers are entered.

Every step is documented with examples that clearly show how John Conte arrived at the “Right Horse” and why that horse won the race.

John carefully explains…

  • Why the public overlooked the only “Right Horse” possibility, Make The Moment in Aqueduct’s 8th Race Feb. 28: And Make The Moment paid $19.00 to win and topped a $67.50 Exacta.
  • How First Ranger was a “Right Horse” standout at Aqueduct in the 3rd Race March 2nd. And First Ranger won, paying $28.80, topping a cold $102.50 Exacta and a $281.00 Trifecta.
  • What factors made Starship Captain the standout “Right Horse” in the Aqueduct 7th race on March 7. And Starship Captain sailed home first paying $32.00 and heading a $110.50 Exacta.

Those are just a few of the kinds of winners you’ll learn how to handicap in advance.

And here’s what you’ll learn:

PART 1. Checklist to Find the Right Horse

1 Layoffs: Why some layoffs are different than others. What breaks are good signs while others indicate trouble and how you can tell the two apart?

2 Workouts: What types of workouts indicate a trainer is honing a horse for super sharp fitness?

3 How to Read Current Form: How sharp is the horse today? What “between the calls” hints signify a “wake-up” or a going off-form future?

4 Positive or Negative Changes: Has the horse changed trainers? Is that a positive or negative for today’s effort.

5 Distance Matters: How do you determine if today’s distance is the right one to make a horse a contender?

6 Running Style, Post Position and Biases: Does today’s post fit the horse’s running style or hurt it? And does the track have a bias aid or hamper?

7 Jockeys Count: Their riding style and familiarity with the horse. How does the jock fit this horse today?

8 Lasix and equipment changes: Blinkers on or off, 1st time Lasix, bandages on or off are all indications of efforts being made to improve a horse, but some are warning signs. You’ll learn how to separate the negative changes from the positive moves.

9 Today’s Conditions: Fast, Firm, Sloppy, Slow, Muddy… You’ll learn what to look for to find the best horse to fit today’s track conditions.

10 Tote Board: Read the signs the “Insider Money” is ready to cash in.

PART 2. Finding the “Right Horse” from Among the Contenders

  • What makes one contender the strongest?
  • When a Class Drop is a very 1negative move
  • How to Avoid trainers who never win
  • How To Read “Trouble Lines” to predict a troubled trip today
  • Whether a Class Rise today is too high for the horse to handle

PART 3. Adding Up the Scores to Bet the Winner


  • Maiden Special Weight & Maiden Claiming Races
  • Turf Races at Every Major Track in the Country

Surely you realize you can’t handicap a race of older, seasoned claimers the same way you do a maiden race. And even among the maiden ranks there is a world of difference between Maiden Special Weight (future allowance and stakes stars) and Maiden Claimers.

John Conte’s The “Right Horse” Method breaks down both types of Maiden races and step by step leads you through the Past Performances & teaches you how to read between the lines for trainers’ intentions as to whether a horse is out to win in its debut or just to get an education in its first start with “win” races eyed down the road.

And You’ll Also Learn John’s 26 Key Secrets
to Every Turf Track in America…
“Secrets” That Mean the Difference Between Winning and Losing

For example: Did you know:

  • Which Post Positions really hamper horses on Belmont’s Turf Course? With runners winning less than 5% of the time. And does a horse switching from one of those posts to a more favorable one have a better chance of winning at a longshot price next time out.
  • How rain affects the Belmont course and can change a race because parts of the turf dry faster than others.
  • What curious quirk of course layout at Saratoga makes 3 Post Positions extremely bad bets no matter how good the horse is that is breaking from them.
  • Why Gulfstream Park’s Turf Course is almost never the same day to day.
  • That Santa Anita’s 6½ Furlong Turf Sprint has one of the strongest track biases in the entire country. Bet against this trend at your financial peril.

After reading The “Right Horse” Method,
you’ll be able to cash races like these:

Charlie The Boss (on Mar. 27 on the Turf at Gulfstream) was the lone speed and he fit the track profile and bias. The public didn’t see it. John Conte did.

Charlie The Boss wired the field and paid $27.00 to win!

The “Right Horse” Method works everywhere as John proved on March 30 at Tampa Bay when he realized that Cotton Pickin’ was on her best surface at a distance in her comfort zone and in-form. There were a lot of contenders. But Only One “Right Horse” and that was Cotton Pickin.

Cotton Pickin Won by 3 and paid a sweet $18.80

The Power of Secrets on the Turf is shown in John Conte’s Cold $99.00 Trifecta on Santa Anita Derby Day in an undercard race. Using the “Key” angle from The “Right Horse” Method, the only possible finish was Footstepsinbronze to win, Snuggly Bear underneath and Act finishing up in 3rd. Experience on the course was the key factor.

Footstepsinbronze topped a $22.00 cold exacta with Snuggly Bear and a $99.00 trifecta as Act finished 3rd

And Stakes Race Insights to give You Longshot Wins

The Wood Memorial upset on April 5 of this year is a classic example of the power of The “Right Horse” Method. Using John’s 3 Part program, it was easy to eliminate the favorite, Social Inclusion, as a non-contender to win. Then, examining the race in depth, Wicked Strong emerges as the “right horse” because he figured to stalk a fast early pace and then close to beat the favorite.

Wicked Strong rallied and pulled away to a 3 length win, paying $20.40, and John nailed the exacta with Samraat for $100.50

Longshots in Full Fields

Bettors who opened their DRF to Aqueduct’s 5th race on March 16 were confronted with a non-descript 6 furlong sprint for horses that had never won 2 races. But The “Right Horse” Method turned that seemingly boring affair into a longshot player’s dream. The system clearly picked Previous Franca as the only logical winner.

Previous Franca closed in the lane to win, paying $18.20

And Value Runners in Short Fields:

In Aqueduct’s 2nd Race, March 9, seven horses contested a $25,000 claimer going 6 furlongs. Using The “Right Horse” Method, the Number 6 horse, Sokitumi Samarai was the clear choice under the point system, even though he was the 3-to-1. 3rd choice of the betting public.

Sokitumi Samarai won by daylight and paid $8.40

That’s Just a Few of the Winners You’ll Learn
How to Spot in Advance with John Conte’s
“Right Horse” Handicapping Method!

This book is written for every horse player who wants to get serious about winning and Making A Profit, not once or twice but regularly.

John Conte has made MILLIONS betting the horses. He has homes in Florida and New York. He goes to the track every day in his Jaguar. Yet, he has never worked a regular office job. He has provided for his family, and won enough to get whatever he wants, and to even own his own stable of race horses, too.

This is a rare opportunity to share the methods and secrets of a proven champion and TV star. If you’re serious about winning at the track, this is your chance to step up your game and increase your profits with a proven method.

Start winning like John Conte.
Order your copy today for
ONLY $24.95!


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