National Race Masters - Battle of the Handicappers

The rivalry is getting ugly and the vibe is so bad that the cleaning lady just resigned. So, before the water cooler does a meltdown, we need help! Who’s the best handicapper of them all? Help us find out and get yourself a fantastic deal too!

WHO’S the best? YOU decide. Become a Documenter.
You not only render a verdict… You pocket nifty profits!

Here’s the Deal:

  • Get the TOP PLAY of each hanndicapper every day for two weeks. In addition, if he finds a second pick he really likes, you get that too! That's 70-80 picks in all.
  • Horses generally will not pay less than 3:1… It does happen occasionally, but the odds are usually better
  • Play could be the Best Exacta or Trifecta of the Day
  • You get the TOP SELECTIONS of the 6 RaceMasters – normally, a 4-figure deal – for only $75
  • In return, we ask that you DOCUMENT that the race won (or lost, however it turns out) and E-MAIL your results to Our National RaceMasters will stand or fall according to your THUMBS UP OR THUMBS DOWN!

It’s a great deal for us, because (when we win) we’ll have your testimony to back us up!
It’s an even greater deal for you because you’ll make $THOUSAND$ for a pittance!

Get two (2) weeks of the TOP PLAYS for Just $75. If you want to play just one day at a time, it’s $25. (For longer terms, call or text the numbers below)

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