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Win Coast-to-Coast and All Year Round with Noel Michaels'

101 WINNING ANGLES Designed for Year-Round Success at the Races

20 Tracks - 4 Seasons

  • the Triple Crown Races,
  • Breeders Cup
  • Summer at Saratoga

A Guided Tour through the
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
at ALL Major Tracks Nationwide

20 Tracks
  x 4 Seasons
    + Summer Stakes =


Noel Michaels, author of the best selling Handicapping Contest Handbook and Winning Angles A to Z, takes on a new challenge: to make you a winner at every track and every season, and has just completed the insiders handicapping guide that shows you how!

"You can now look up any major track & find out instantly if it favors front runners, pressers, stalkers or closers - and at what distances and whether on dirt or grass - and you can get the same info on inside, middle and outside posts."

A personal note from

Angles have been my bread and butter for a dozen years. When I was at Daily Racing Form - whether I was handicapping Aqueduct, Santa Anita or wherever, I picked the full card every day - I never counted up how many thousands of races it came to - but I couldn't have done it without my angles. To meet tight press deadlines, I needed short cuts, quick solutions. Pressure was relentless and expectations were HIGH. Wherever they assigned me, I had to be an instant expert, making picks 24 hours in advance with no idea what the morning line or late scratches would be.With no time to finestroke, I had to separate contenders from pretenders and get it right the first time. I spent twelve years learning what are the most important things to know and I have put as much of that information as I could into this book. Here's hoping you and your bankroll will benefit!

You don't want to be a one-track pony who can only win at one track - if that! You want to be a parimutuel paratrooper!

You want to be able to make the drop on any major track, play it like you owned it, know all the right moves, bet the right horses and make the right money!

My new book, Player's Angle Almanac let's you do just that.

If you know my earlier book-Winning Angles from A to Z - I gave you 26 ways to win that applied to any track. But my new book, Player's Angle Almanac is different. It details a hundred and one (101) winning angles - and they are track-specific & season-specific.

Almanac takes you on
a guided tour through the
spring, summer, fall & winter at
ALL major tracks nationwide.

And whether it's Hollywood Park, Golden Gate, Arlington, Monmouth, Del Mar, Fairplex, Tampa Bay Downs, or any of twenty tracks, I give you the most productive & profitable angles for that particular track, based on all my years of handicapping at Daily Racing Form and New York (Nassau) OTB - and reinforced with statistical analysis.

You can now look up any major track & find out instantly if it favors front runners, pressers, stalkers or closers - and at what distances and whether on dirt or grass - and you can get the same info on inside, middle & outside posts.

I give you specifics you can bet on, based both on the record and in what I hear from trip handicappers and other informants. And that's only for openers.

Think of ALL the things you should know but don't know.

  • What simple fact about the surface at Churchill Downs will save you tons of time as well as money?
  • What track no longer favors an inside bias?
  • Which Triple Crown race favors the outside posts - and by a big margin?
  • Which two NY trainers do especially well in turf sprints at Belmont?
  • What much-respected Kentucky Derby angle is so misleading it virtually guarantees you a loss?
  • Which legendary trainer is a bad bet at a certain time of year?
  • What PP's should you throw out when playing Churchill Downs?
  • What's the Number One speed track in racing?
  • Why are Kentucky-breds at a peculiar disadvantage at Saratoga? Which synthetic surface is murder on front-runners?
  • Which synthetic is fastest?
  • What shippers rate an automatic upgrade when they ship to Arlington?
  • Which venue favors outside posts - even extreme outside posts - in turf sprints?
  • Why are horses that win at Belmont in June virtually certain to lose in September?
  • What's the secret of winning astronomical payoffs at Del Mar?
  • How can one make money on Polytrack shippers?

And I've still ONLY scratched the surface. There are dozens more angles - all spelled out - all carefully explained - track by track, season by season - including tips and angles known only to the sharpest of the professionals and unknown even to many track regulars.

Yet Almanac is not just about ONE-LINE ANSWERS or RULES OF THUMB. It gives you context and backdrop. It tells you why certain trainers are having success. Why their strategies are working. Or where they're focusing their main efforts. It updates you on important changes - including the revolutionary changes brought about by synthetics.

Almanac begins with the Kentucky Derby.
Believe it or not, there is so much "mystique" and "tradition" hanging over the Run for the Roses, many players get lost trying to handicap it! I try to repair this deficiency with a sober review of the most important angles, which I spell out in detail. Last year's Derby was a perfect test case. I swept the Derby 1-2-3 for the full payoff because Angle #1 (the first angle you'll read in my new book) pointed me to three peaking horses that fit the improving form pattern the angle calls for.

Okay, so I had Curlin on top, but look what he did in the Preakness, the Belmont, & the BC Classic! What about this year's Derby?
8Hard Spun 2ndExacta$101.80
7Street Sense  WON$11.80

...With payoffs averaging $23.77 (since '79) the Derby is the biggest "must play" of the year, and I hope you're going to go for it.

If so, Almanac is ready, with six tips or angles to help you pick the winner. (One tip completely explodes the most cherished myth about handicapping the Derby!)

Almanac gives you solid angles on the Preakness and the Belmont, too - plus time-tested tips and background for the remaining weeks of the Churchill Downs, Pimlico and Belmont Park meetings. Then it progresses, season by season through the summer, fall, winter and spring meetings, with great racing every step if the way.

What about racing's other BIGGEST day - The Breeders Cup?

With so many world-class horses, wide-open fields and monster payoffs, a bettor would be nuts not to look for whatever edges he can find. Let your search start here with Almanac. Learn when it makes sense to back favorites, when to look for "well-bet speed," when to give the edge to well rested longshots, how to separate the European sleepers from the underlays, & especially, how puzzlingly easy it is to get a piece of the juiciest BC event of all - the Distaff ($42.46 avg) which they are now calling the Ladies Classic.

Saratoga. Every horse is a shipper so EVERY horse is a contender. At the Spa, it's easier to fall into a booby trap but easier to cash a big tickets if you know what you're doing. Read WHAT I say about one-turn vs two-turn runners. WHICH regional shippers are trending up, which are trending down. WHICH Mid-Atlantic trainers come baited for bear. WHICH west coast trainers can't wait to get their horses racing on the Saratoga dirt - and why! And lots more.

Almanac covers 20 TRACKS and NOT A ONE gets the "once over lightly."

Churchill Downs PimlicoWith side trips to LAUREL and ELLIS PARK with their amazingly low take out- as well as the ambitious Presque Isles program.
BelmontHollywood Park
Golden Gate Arlington
SaratogaDel Mar
GulfstreamTampa Bay
Fair Grounds Calder
Santa Anita Aqueduct


You don't have to skim through Almanac to find what you want. My INDEX not only locates every angle at every track. It gives you a summary of what the angle is about so you'll know (literally) whether you're on the right track.

 96 PAGES.

You don't need documentation or proof. You need information background and reason-why.

DIAGRAMS OF ALL TRACKS INCLUDED to help you visualize what's happening.



I've included a GLOSSARY that explains ALL unfamiliar racing terms.

Get a solid handle on Aqueduct's inner track. LEARN what kind of horses are winning what kind of races at Calder, Arlington, Pimlico, Fairplex, and Monmouth. UNRAVEL the mysteries of Cushion Track at Hollywood Park & Santa Anita. LEARN about those monster payoffs at Del Mar.

All right, let's bring this home to you.

How often have you got caught in a "Blind Switch," where you spent hours trying to nail down a horse but finally had to give up - only to find it was too late to start all over again with another horse. It happens to all of us. A single scrap of information can make or break your day. Angles, clues, tips - whatever you choose to call them - are the cheapest insurance you can buy. Not to toot my own horn, but insurance is the reason my "Handicapping Contest Handbook" became a best seller. It's also the reason the Daily Racing Form commissioned me to write it. I cover your backside. I alert you to what you have to look out for, both positive and negative. I help you cut down on your mistakes.

Cost? Only $24.50 Shipping & handling included.

If I give you just one winner - or save you a single hour of figuring time - you already got your money back.

Free phone consultation. With warm weather, Derby preps and other stakes races are coming thick and fast. Now's the time to try Almanac and play a track you never played before. If you get stuck, give me a call. No obligation, of course.

I think you'll like what you're looking at. I not only help you avoid pitfalls. I help you find hidden value at every track you play. If you're a student of the game, this kind of wisdom is meat and drink to you. If you're student of profits, it's money in the bank!



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