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  • Methods Will Find Winners At All Tracks
    From Major Venues like Belmont & Hollywood to the Minor Leagues at Finger Lakes & Presque Isle Downs!
  • You Will Find Several Qualifiers a Day at any track you wish to wager at.
  • Methods Work on All Surfaces-Dirt, Synthetic, Turf -- and in all weather conditions-fast, muddy, sloppy, firm or yielding.
  • You Will NEVER EAT CHALK because these methods are NOT BASED on so-called 'normal' handicapping theory and therefore are designed to find VALUE PLAYS!

Do I sound excited?

Good! I hope I do because I AM EXCITED and I want you to be too because these 'Methods' are the breakthrough you need to improve your ROI (Return on Investment) in racing every day no matter where in the country you play!


I don't care if you've been successful, moderately profitable or have lost time and again at the races. Follow my 8 METHODS FOR WINNING in 'METHOD MADNESS' and you can't help but win on your own.

In the book, I lay out each of the individual methods in simple, easy to understand English. Each Method has its own rules that require NO MATH, NO JUDGMENT CALLS, NO SLIDE RULES OR CALCULATORS.

Although 'contrarian' to 'Numbers,' 'Figs,' 'Trip' or 'Sheets' handicapping my methods are based on 'common sense' developed by my almost 20 year history of personal successful and profitable racing wagering history.  In fact, the 'contrarian' nature of these plays is how WE ALWAYS FIND THE VALUE HORSE.


The first difference you'll notice in 'METHOD MADNESS' is the complete absence of numbers or figures. If everyone is using those systems, then everyone is coming up with the same horses and that means FAVORITES because everybody is betting the same runners.

I wanted methods that take you a little deeper, go a little off center and find horses you can wager on confidently and produce profits day in and day out. 

So you will learn:

  • METHOD 1: Dig Deeper Into a Horse's PP's Than Just the Last 2 Races
    With just 3 easy to follow rules, I'll show you how to dig into all 10 Past Performance lines as published in Daily Racing Form ® and what to look for show you horses that are ready to win in today's company. You'll be shocked to learn the importance of running lines from races 4 or even 7 or 8 races back that other handicappers are ignoring-ignoring to the peril of their bankroll.
  • METHOD 2: How To Find Improving Horses That Are Ready to Peak
    I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard a losing bettor say, 'How could that horse win? He was the first one I threw out.' I'm sure you too have been surprised time and again by 'wake up' runners you didn't see coming. Using all my experience and notes from over the years, I've identified 4 BASIC RULES that ensure YOU WON'T BE SURPRISED AGAIN. In fact, using these rules you'll be cashing those 'shocker' horses that 'just work up to win' and that everyone else overlooked.
  • METHOD 3: Winning With 2nd Time Starters
    Yes, I know that DRF publishes statistics on trainers with 2nd time starters. But, that's too easy and just gives you more low-priced favorites because, like lemmings, horseplayers will latch onto a hot trainer with a high percentage and follow each other over the cliff to bankruptcy when those percentages fail to hold up. Instead, I have identified 4 Basic Situations that are almost indisputable evidence that a horse is ready to win 2nd time out-no matter what the trainer's percentage in this category.  Plus I list 5 Stronger Secondary Indications that make a qualifier even stronger and worthy of a bigger bet.
  • METHOD 4: Winning With 2nd Off Layoff Horses
    This is another stat that horseplayers follow in the DRF. But, beyond just a win percentage I've found 4 HIDDEN INDICATORS that a horse is ready for explosive improvement, enough to win in this scenario.
  • METHOD 5: Winning With 2nd Off Claim Horses
    You find VALUE by going a step or two farther than the average players. Everyone double checks trainers right after they claim a horse, but then the vast majority of players lose interest. I FOUND BIGGER PROFITS by studying deeply how trainers did with horses 2nd time off the claim. I mean, it makes sense that a new trainer may need time and a race to figure out the new face in his barn. What I found are 5 Signs that a 2nd off the layoff score is coming.
  • METHOD 6: The False Layoff Factor
    I long believed that the 45 day cutoff line in DRF past performances indicating a layoff line was arbitrary and capricious. In fact, I think it is downright wrong. AND NOW I'VE PROVED THAT by coming up with 4 Points That Spot A False Layoff Runner and a plan to profit from that false layoff. As a major point of interest, I have to tell you that the False Layoff Factor along accounted to several of the Saratoga opening weekend winners I listed.
  • METHOD 7: Identifying And Betting The 'z' Pattern
    My original research showed that using only the DRF Past Performances I could 'read between the lines' and spot horses that had to wait to make a move or were shuffled back or were forced wide or even run into a blind switch in their last race. Over the course of years of study, I found that there are 5 IDENTIFYING TRAITS exhibited by horses in this situation that indicate they will run as a good or even better in their next start. I list there here for you in plain English and show you exactly how and where to find these all important hints in the pp's.
  • METHOD 8: Betting Cutbacks In Distance
    What is a trainer trying to tell you when he cuts back a horse from a distance race of 1 1/16th miles or longer to 7 furlongs or even more to 6 furlongs? I found 6 Steps to Cut Back Success that you can use to find out when a horse in this situation is ready to run big and win. Obviously, not every cutback horse finishes first or even second. You have to know the 6 key steps to be able to bet with confidence on a horse running a short distance.

You can start winning TODAY and win for the rest of Saratoga and then all year long at Belmont, Hollywood, Churchill Downs, Charles Town, Penn National or wherever you want to play.

These method works. That is proven.

And mastering the methods is not difficult.

You'll be handicapping a race USING ALL 8 METHODS within 10 minutes or less as soon as you learn the basic ruled. You can do a whole card in advance in under an hour and a half.

Yet, all I want for this winning new book is $19.95 and that includes shipping and handling.

And I'm so sure you'll be delighted with your winning results that I GUARANTEE 'METHOD MADNESS.'  If the book's methods don't produce plays and winners as described here to your satisfaction simply return it undamaged after 30 days for a FULL REFUND.

The results are in. METHOD MADNESS is winning at New York Tracks and Tracks around the country NOW! Don't miss out on all the easy value winners. Order your copy today


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