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Horn in on a SECRET PAY DAY
trainers try to keep to themselves!

It's all revealed in a new report from New York's leading claiming trainer Gasper Moschera:
The Trainer Hidden Form Angle

In this first-time-ever revelation by New York's six-time leading claiming trainer, Gasper Moschera.

The Trainer Hidden Form Angle reveals how, in certain races, trainers "shoot for a purse" while making sure they don't lose their horse to a claim. Shrewd? Nifty? You bet - because the crowd knows nothing! BUT . . . Gasper Moschera spells out all the conditions step by step, so YOU'LL be able to spot the play in the making and horn in on "their" payday! Like these...

D20Philadelphia R8 Big Push  Show paid $7.40
 Philadelphia R9 L.A. Girl WON $12.40  
D12Aqueduct R1 Merlin Bay WON $19.20  
D11Aqueduct R1 Missile Motor WON $10.00  
D7Philadelphia R3 Wawaset Park WON $20.20  
D4Aqueduct R3 FifefifteenWON $36.00  
D1Hawthorne R5 All Tanked Up  Place paid $17.20
 Hawthorne R7 Bora Bora Boy WON $5.80  
  Teacher Outlaws 2ndExacta paid $26.60
N23Philadelphia R4No EquipmentWON $13.00 
  Born To Cus2ndExacta Paid $181.20
 Philadelphia R10Indian PromiseWON $144.00Place paid $43.20
Show paid $24.00
N20Aqueduct R6Spa City FeverWON $16.40 
N19Aqueduct R8Upper East SiderWON $22.60 
  Excited2ndExacta Paid $66.50
N17Aqueduct R2 Blue Destiny WON $9.40  
 Aqueduct R4 BrecciateWON $24.00 Exacta paid $72.50
 Aqueduct R9Miss Dolan's RoseWON $70.50 
N8Philadelphia Park R4 Moon Jam WON $80.50  
  Wachawacha2ndExacta paid $694.20
 Finger Lakes R6 Turning To Gold WON $8.90  
O26 Finger Lakes R5:Jackpot Julie WON $53.00 
 Finger LakesR9: Done That WON $24.00Trifecta paid: $318.00
O25 Philadelphia R4:Alice At 10 WON $27.60 Trifecta paid $218.00
O25 Philadelphia R7:Captain KaliWON $11.60 Trifecta paid:$71.80
O21 Belmont R8:Smooth TransitionWON $7.80  
  Inherit The Gold 2nd Exacta paid $238.50
O18 Philadelphia R2:MauraWON $146.20 

Validated by customer Tim Gagas of Valley Stream, NY who won the races and made the money!

As you can see from the record, this one little secret is worth $$$thousands but you can have it here --all spelled out so you can't make a mistake --for only $20.00. 32 pages

The Trainer Hidden Angle will clue you to the greatest spot play on the boards. Here's a letter from another one of our customers, who found success right off the bat!


Dear Gasper:

Received your booklet today and immediately put the Trainer “Hidden Form” Angle to the test.

Enclosed you will find two unbelievable races today (6/19/10) where your system was “spot on.”

Monmouth Race (1)

#6 Silver Smoke Won $35.40

Hollywood Race (4)

#3 Hostile ReactionWon $36.80

Wow what a day! Long live Mochera!

Rich Reger


Another customer writes:

I recently purchased The Trainer's Hidden Angle Methodbook and really enjoyed reading it and hopefully learned a few tips.

Dick W., Harrisburg, PA.


and one more......Gasper I bought your book The Trainer Hidden Form Angle because I know you were in the business a long time and though you would have something intelligent to bring to the table. The first day with your system I cashed in at Delmar for $10.80 and Arlington for $14.00 I never would have picked those horses on my own and never knew of any system like this having been playing horses for many years. Thanks for the info and insight. Keep up the good work.... Joe Cianci, NJ.


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