Hank Goldberg - Hank Goldberg Bowls and Playoffs


The College Championship & NFL playoffs - and basketball.
Play after play I know exactly which games are giving us our biggest edges - and so will you!

I'm Hammerin' Hank Goldberg. You've seen me on ESPN & CBS Sports. Or maybe remember me from my days at SportsCenter alongside Chris Berman. Viewers loved the segment and saw that I could pick winners. I've been doing that all season long, BUT...Winning in January takes a different set of handicapping dynamics than at any other time of the year. I'm excited about the moneymaking opportunities that are ahead. And it's even easier to get excited when you look at what's coming up

  • The College National Championship Game Jan 13
  • NFL Playoffs:  Divisional Playoffs Jan 11-12 -- Conference Championships Jan 19 -- Super Bowl 54 from Miami on Feb 2
  • College & NBA Basketball through the Super Bowl: In basketball, The NBA is just past the first quarter of the season so the teams have started to show what we can expect, and the college teams are finishing the holiday tournaments and getting ready for conference play.

How much is all this going to cost: Just $65

I'm going to be feeding you winners in two different sports hand over fist, and you'll make that entry fee back before we're even halfway through the first weekend! Then it's all gravy! Play after play I know exactly which games are giving us our biggest edges - and so will you. With the percentages so heavily on your side, you can beat the line time after time!

Call or sign up below right now. Get listed at 1-877-822-2276 or 1-702-205-9800

  • "Hammerin Hank knows how to pick winners, he makes people money, and keeps their wallets fat." - Rich Eisen: NFL Network
  • "Hank's a good handicapper - he knows how to find live games - Larry King - CNN



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