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Hank Goldberg, long-time analyst / sideline reporter at ESPN Sports Center with the money-making deal of the season!


The most powerful plays of the whole football schedule...
The games that make the most money straight out of the Hank Goldberg Playbook

As the season winds down to its climax, motivations like revenge, respect, letdown, territorial bragging rights, conference and divisional rivalry are so powerful you can throw out the power ratings. All of those elements create mismatches & outright upsets...

And I'm the Man who'll find them

I'm Hank Goldberg. When I first got started I was called The Voice of Sports on Radio and TV in South Florida. It didn't take long before I was on the National Scene on Network TV talking football with guys who know like Chris Berman whom I shared so much mic time with at ESPN Sports Center. But more important than my on-the-air skills, I know how to pick winners. I'm good at it, and people trust me because they know I bet each pick I release.

  • 4 winning weeks in a row in September with my top 5 Saturday & Sunday games going
    23-11-1. Won 68% for the month.
  • October won 3 of the 4 weeks and cashed 67% of my games
  • November to date, I've won both weeks

I have gone over the next 7 weeks in great detail to find the easiest-to-win CRUNCHTIME games.

I've made my own personal lines on over 60 different games. I have done all the analysis and matchups. The patterns are there. Huge peaks and valleys of motivation not reflected in the line, giving us hidden edges on game after game. I haven't nailed down every single play yet, but I'm way ahead of the game...and Vegas. I have a history of success in CRUNCHTIME...last year was one of the best!

  • Won 3 of the final 4 weeks in college football, and 5 of 7 in the NFL!
  • 7-4 in college & 4-2 NFL on Thanksgiving Weekend
  • 20-10-2 last 4 Weeks in the NFL, and a remarkable 11-1-2 in the Final 2 weeks!

Cost...just $150 starting now through the end of the regular season, Sunday, December 29 - Plus Bonus Basketball

Throughout the Crunchtime Football Program, I give you more BONUS Baskets and your nightly profits get to be just AWESOME. Have you ever scored ten or twelve basketball winners a week?  Remember Vegas has to be right about dozens of games every night. You only have to be right about two or three. That's why this is the perfect time to cash in on basketball!  And the best part is, it's totally and absolutely FREE because I'm including it as a bonus with your order for CRUNCHTIME FOOTBALL!

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Hammerin Hank knows how to pick winners, he makes people money, and keeps their wallets fat." Rich Eisen: NFL Network


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