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The NBA is off and running! College Tips-off in two weeks
Blast the board early and build football bankroll

Basketball Season is here, but too many fans and bettors aren't paying attention. They're focused on football. I sympathize. But I'm a champion handicapper because I don't leave money on the table. And the reality is that the linesmakers are as unprepared for hoops as most bettors...because THEY'RE flooded with football. Finding the soft spots on the board is like picking a guard's pocket in the backcourt and taking it in for the easy deuce!

I can't believe how often I hear people saying that you can't beat the oddsmakers. I've been proving that wrong for DECADES! Yet, you still here people in sportsbooks saying stuff like:

*'That line seems off to me, they must know something. I bet that's a trap!' Hey, maybe it's off because you don't know everything you need to know! That doesn't mean the oddsmakers do! Whenever I hear somebody talking about a 'trap' game, it's usually a guy who shouldn't be betting in the first place.

*'The line is there for a reason. Oddsmakers know what they're doing.' I'll be the first to admit they do a very good job. It's not a PERFECT job. You can exploit their mistakes and still GET THE BEST OF IT

So when it's time for you to make a bet, who would you rather listen to--someone who's all talk, or someone who really puts their money where their mouth is! I bet my entire career …football, basketball, horse racing.

And I haven't stopped betting since. The games I tell you to play, I'm betting myself. If I don't win, I go hungry. And let me tell you, Hammerin’ Hank ain't going hungry!

Get with me right now and I'll get you best bet plays every night in the NBA, and as soon as college basketball starts, I'll be ready there too. My play includes a mix of both sides and totals so we maximize every opportunity on the board. And when I say we'll win right from the start, I mean it!

I make sure you're in action nightly! You can be a champion with me, starting right now!

The full season, college & NBA, is just $199. Or try just a month of action for $99.

Make sure you join me as the wingman on this fast break--I'll feed you the bets and you take it home for the easy jam!


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