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This Is A Knowledge Game And Knowledge Wins!

For decades I’ve been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s I’ve stayed ahead of the curve with my football, baseball and basketball picks and have hosted Pro Line, the longest running sports handicapping show on USA Cable Network

I can tell you from my personal experience: my lines on basketball games could beat the general public… hands down. I can read moves like an open book. I know which teams they are overpricing and I know where all the bargain prices are. That makes your decision easy:

Vegas is more vulnerable than you think. For one thing they’re swamped. There are 32 Conferences and 351 NCAA 1-A teams that play twice a week. Plus 30 NBA teams that play three games a week. It means Vegas has to put up close to 400 lines a week – OVER FOUR times their workload in football. It’s impossible to get all those point spreads right. The more we know, the MORE EDGES WE GET TO CASH!

And There Is No Better Edge Than Early in the Season When the Books Are Still Totally Focused on Football. That’s why you can expect plenty of early winners as we catch the odds makers with their points down.

Ohio U. (+5) Upset Iona 81-72,
Tennessee Martin (+1.5) Beat Western Illinois 98-91
LSU (+3) Got The Cover In An 82-84 Loss to VCU

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