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If This Football Season Isn't What You Hoped For…
Maybe You're Not Listening to the Right Person!

There's still plenty of time to make up for lost time, and lost profits.
Join Legendary Handicapper Jim Feist and find your inner champion!

I want you to do things right. Be honest. Have you been slipshod, uninformed, and careless with your money? Not angry enough about losing? Not ambitious enough to shop for the most points? You have to raise your sights and realize there is a world of bargain spreads and value bets just waiting to be cashed in on.

You need a proven path to find them. You need time tested methods and the discipline to apply them consistently. You need a tutor who will not allow YOU to be second best! That's ME!

I've put together a money making package that you've been looking for... Make the rest of this season a nightmare for your bookmaker, but like an early Christmas for yourself! Look at the season we've put together so far…

  • A sensational September, winning 3 of 4 weeks in college featuring my College Game of the Month with UCF (-9) over Stanford 45-27, and going 17-7-1 for 71% in the NFL and winning my NFL Monster Play of the Year  - Steelers (+3½) over Ravens 23-26…
  • It's been an AWESOME OCTOBER! Overall 26-8 in NFL. And 24-11 college.

But the best is still to come. There are more games AHEAD of us than behind us

By now the surprises are mostly over. By now we are well into the big conference rivalries – and that means revenge…it means lookahead the week before…it means let­down the week after. That means more hard-to-figure edges where the public is still napping and we are miles ahead!

There is no guesswork in sports handicapping.

You study, gather information, stats, injuries, coaching philosophies, situational handicapping, angles, and then piece it together in the endless search for value against the Las Vegas number. Here are the steps I use to win over the last four decades.

  • Know the goal             Know the game         Know the teams
  • Know the numbers      Know the rivalries       Know the situations
  • Know the "right" number and the real number and the difference between them
  • Know where to find the "value" bet                 Know how to manage your money

I have won numerous handicapping contests, including the Stardust Championship "Winner Takes All" football competition and twice won first place in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Handicapping Contest. I've also hosted Pro Line, the longest running sports handicapping show on USA Cable Network.

Don't miss another winner - Call and get started today!

Here's what I'm offering you.
My best games Saturday and Sunday, an average of 3-5 plays daily
Monday and Thursday games included

Play for a month for $139, or a week (Thursday-Monday) for $50.
Or go day-by-day for $20
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