Jim Hurley - Jim Hurley Blue Ribbon FOOTBALL

When the Money IS ON THE LINE
…Jim Hurley IS ON THE MONEY!
Jim Hurley’s BLUE RIBBON Football Plays

When you have serious money on a game…Scouts are not enough. Handicappers are not enough. Stats, trend analysis, and deep knowledge of series histories – these are not enough.

For The Big Money, You Don’t Want The Method.

And for the biggest games, Jim Hurley is right there with his BLUE RIBBON PLAYS to give you HIS TAKE on his own top 1-2 plays of the day – games he is betting himself.

Situation Plays where the Law of Percentages says a game is 90%...
“Sucker lines” where the public is betting the wrong side and we’re getting more points…

Maximize your football profits with JIM HURLEY'S BLUE RIBBON PLAYS, just $25 for Saturday' College or Sunday’s 2 NFL Best. Better yet, come in for the week for $40 and get TNF and MNF if the game measures up. Your best bet is to come in for the rest of the season (includes post-season) for just $199


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