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Hank Goldberg Hammers the NFL & College Football

If you want the BEST - Hank's HAMMER PLAYS Are For You
Just one play each College Bowl Game Day
and one on Sunday
(Plus MNF & TNF if qualifies)

I'm sure you remember me most for my work on ESPN from 1993-2014. Each week I appeared on "SportsCenter" co-anchored with Chris Berman. This segment became widely popular because of my accuracy in picking pointspread winners and the moniker "The Hammer" became a household name.

I kept fans glued to their TVs - because they knew that I KNEW THE GAME - the teams, their personnel, their condition, and their strengths and weaknesses. People always tuned in to find out What my "Hammer Plays" were...These are the games where I crush the line. That's why they make up my Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays that my clients annually HAMMER ON.

I've got eyes and ears everywhere - not only locker rooms and practice fields but at the betting windows where my sources keep me posted on which parties are betting into which lines and why and how much. It's private sources...an early move... someone middling the line. Games that don't just beat the line, they hammer it!

I am the ultimate insider, and with my HAMMER PLAYS now YOU ARE TOO!

So here's the deal:

  • Come on board: Get my Hammer Play every game day - Just $25 per day
  • Or take the entire week or $49.

From Now On, You're Going To Get My #1 Play, Win What I Win and Cash What I Cash!

As Rich Eisen from the NFL Network and CBS Sportsline says of me:  "Hank makes people money; He keeps their wallets fat!" 


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