Jim Hurley - Jim Hurley 2019 College & NFL FOOTBALL

A GUARANTEE From Jim Hurley:
"If History Repeats Itself, YOU GET RICH!"
I Guarantee You A Re-peat This Year.

Say good-bye to guessers, copycats and wannabees...
Meet Jim Hurley: Handicapper, bettor, contest winner!

Starting right now, you are in the know, in the loop, and within days...IN THE MONEY!
Because I'm Jim Hurley, and as I have proved thousands of times - in a world of hype, wishful thinking and recycled reputation, I AM THE REAL DEAL

Face it! You can't win without help. The full time pro bettors have sources you don't have...Learn situations you don't know...Get late word you miss...Cash edges you didn't know were there!

That's why I founded Jim Hurley's Network - to guide non-professionals and players to the best plays on the board - so you can be as wise as the Wise Guys and as smart as the smart money...And from the day we opened our doors in '85, I have never stopped building my knowledge Network of Handicappers, analysts, and numbers crunchers...

We've proved that SUPER INFORMATION wins ball games, and that sharp analytic tools can outsmart the line and generate the second income you want! We know why every number is where it is - and where it's going! We weigh and sift a thousand "what-ifs" before we are ready to push the button and release the play!
If you were with me last season you know what I mean...

--Last Year I Exploded Opening Week Going 6-1!
--I Hit 5 of 7 in Week 2!
--5-2 in Week 3 including a Perfect 4-0 in the NFL!
--Went 4-3 in Week 4
--And 5-2 in Week 5

My 5 week total was 25-10 for 71.4% -- 15 NET WINNERS!

Which doesn't hint at the profits in store, and you'll get a better idea when you play my UPSET CLUB, where last year we set a new benchmark by winning 72.7% in college underdog plays, after going 14-5 for 73.7% in the first month!.

The mystery is not WHY we knew what was going on, but WHY the public didn't have a CLUE? In thirty-plus years I have not experienced easier winning than we enjoyed last year with college underdogs.

And if we can come anywhere near last season's banner performance in the college game - and we match it with a comparable performance in the Pros, YOU WILL HAVE THE BANNER SEASON OF YOUR LIFE!

That's the plan and I'm ready to make it happen! How about you? Ready to trade in past disappointments for future success? Then I've got a life-changing deal for you. The regular season games are not that far off - so don't waste a second.

  • Order the entire season for only $299 and receive 5-7 college & NFL plays each week including the best of weeknight games and my 72% underdogs.
  • You can take a one month trial membership through Monday, Sept 30 for $100

Sign Up Below Or Call Now 1-800-323-4453 -
Or You Can Reach Me On My Private Cell Phone#
At 1-516-749-8094

Let me end this with a confession. My Network has not always been what I wanted it to be. In the past, we haven't always reached great benchmarks. We haven't always swept everything in sight. We are mortal, human, and fallible.

But when we are on our game we are sensational, and I honestly believe we are the best you will find anywhere! What service do you know that can point to a better than 67% average in September alone...and a really solid regular season last year? A success I am probably underplaying because I'm thinking of a couple of seasons where I didn't do so well, and of customers I had then, who though they made money, were disappointed because I had promised them more.

To you I say: I haven't forgotten. #1 on my list of unfinished business is to get YOU the BIG money I promised you then. "Capturing" new customers doesn't mean much if I can't satisfy my regulars. There is a hunger for excellence that runs throughout my organization that will not let any of us relax until we've gotten you the most winners and the most profits possible. Think about your money goals. Then let's see if you can handicap me as well as I handicap football.


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