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Join Vegas Vic and the LINEMAKER'S SYNDICATE

And You Won’t Have to Wonder Where the REAL NUMBER is
Or Who the Wise Guys Like…


“Use our unshakeable numbers to beat the house and get the money!”

Don’t bite on fake lines! Crash the inner circle. Horn in on Vegas “gift games.” Games with hidden angles…games with “exploded” lines… “must-win” and “could-lose” games…run-up-the-score games that distort expected form and give the insiders (like you) YOUR BIGGEST EDGES & PROFITS OF THE YEAR!

Vegas sportsbooks HAVE to protect themselves from lopsided one-way action on these marquee
teams by overpricing them – giving smart players a TON of extra points on the dog! Likewise…
NBA teams get caught in trap games:, win a big game, but are flat as a pancake this week! In every case lines are off, unwary amateurs lay too many points and sharps who know how to pick their spots pick up the extra points and get the money!

Bettors will remember me from my days running some of the bigger joints (Books in Las Vegas), and spent few years offshore as oddsmaker for two of the biggest books in town because the Wiseguys (sharps) couldn’t make me move my line. I had confidence in my number…I’m a bring-em-on bookmaker. I know the wise guys, how they play, when a move is real or just to get a bookmakers reaction. They beat me on occasion, but overall, the house came out ahead

Now that I left the casinos to rejoin the ranks of bettors, I’m still making unshakeable numbers. Only now I am using them to beat the house, I’m spotting soft lines, gift lines and dumb lines and so are my customers!  And I’m not doing it alone - I’m working with four other sports book oddsmakers. two are currently active and two retired but all are very sharp, as me, they’ve done the same thing 10,000 times before finding the right number  -when the dog is a play , or the public betting up the favorite.

Our group, The Linesmaker Syndicate has in the past consulted with Sports Book Linesmakers Nick Bogdanovich and Richie Baccellieri to name a few. Our goal is to beat the line and make you money every game day    Join me and my linesmaker friends because now that I’ve rejoined the ranks of players, I call the tune, only now it’s not the House  but WE guys who dance our way to the bank! 

EACH OF LINESMAKERS HAS  HIS OWN SPECIAL APPROACH... finding the games where we have the biggest edges, and where the number gives us the greatest percentage of getting the cover. Some look at mostly underdogs, others chart the pattern of impending blowouts…some have their expertise rooted in the college game, while others are NBA experts. We have Power Rating gurus and pure numbers guys, and those who track and follow trends and angles. No matter how they arrive at that game, (side or total) historically their track record is one of success. The Smartest guys in the room, getting together finding agreement on 3-4 best games of the day. The Consensus approach works…      

  • When 3 of the 5 agree on a game it wins at over 60%
  • When 4 of the 5 agree, the win percentage goes to 71%
  • And when ALL 5 agree - You have a play that breaks the bank nearly 80% of the time.

My goal is to make big money for moderate bettors, and you can get the whole deal for only $299. It’s also just $15 to play for one day. Or $65 for the week.

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