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The 2019 College Football & NFL Seasons Have Been A Profit-Maker
Look at the season we’ve put together so far…

  • Started with a sensational September, winning 3 of 4 weeks in college featuring my College Game of the Month with UCF (-9) over Stanford 45-27, and going 17-7-1 for 71% in the NFL and winning my NFL Monster Play of the Year  - Steelers (+3½) over Ravens 23-26…
  • It’s been an AWESOME OCTOBER and an even Better November

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GOLD GAMES                     $20 per day      
Here the line is a touchdown or more OFF from where it ought to be.

PLATINUM PLAYS             $25 per day        
One game each Saturday and Sunday that grades out at least 67%.

INNER CIRCLE                   $15 per day           
My sources keep me posted on which parties are betting into which lines and why and how much

EXECUTIVE                         $25 per day         
TOP of the line! That's why they make up my Game of the Month and Game of the Year plays that my clients annually feast on.

You can purchase each club separately by calling 1-855-JIM-WINS or join me for ALL 5 Clubs together here online

  • Come in for the total Club package for $75 per day
  • You can also get 4 weeks for $199

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Jim Feist

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