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Now from Wall Street Sports Group an investment plan that gives you two vital elements you never got before in any one program. THE BEST HORSES TO BET & THE BEST WAY TO BET THOSE HORSES

My name is DAVE WILLOUGHBY and I’m a Wall Street Investment Counsellor. People in my line of work don’t shout. Not the good ones anyway. Me, I let my balance sheet do the talking. If at the end of the fiscal year, it shows a healthy profit, I stick around. If not I’m gone. In the broker/client relationship, you can’t hide red ink.

Now I Double in horses.

And it tells you something about the nature of my relationship with my Wall Street clients that after three years, they’re still calling me every day for winners. Some of them never bet horses before. Now they love it! They can’t get enough. Some people binge on Oreo cookies, some people binge on winners. Also, betting thoroughbreds is the one investment where you get the fastest return.

You don’t have to wonder whether you made a smart choice nor when it will pay off. You get your answer the same day... in CASH!

At least you do with Wall Street Sports Group.


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