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December & January Are Not Just the Holiday Season…It’s Football’s Second Season...I’m Hank Goldberg and I call it THE MONEY SEASON!!Join me for a Dominating December and Joyous January in Football & Basketball!

12-6 Hank Goldberg Conference Championship Weekend

Don’t Drop The Ball This Weekend...DROP THE HAMMMER With Hammerin’ Hank Goldberg’s Two Day Conference Championship Football Bonanza Friday & Saturday

Hank Goldberg TV Only Basketball Club

While most ESPN Sports Center fans know me as Hammerin’ Hank nailing down football winners, I love basketball just as much. Especially since there are even more opportunities to win money (they play every day and more games to cherry pick from.)I KNOW HOW TO SPOT THE DYNAMICS WHICH POINT OUT THE RIGHT SIDE…AND HOW TO BEAT THE “MADE FOR TV” PUBLIC LINES

Hank Goldberg Crunchtime Football Plus Baskets

C R U N C H T I M EThe games that make the most money straight out of the Hank Goldberg PlaybookAs the season winds down to its climax, motivations like revenge, respect, letdown, territorial bragging rights, conference and divisional rivalry are so powerful you can throw out the power ratings.All of those elements create mismatches & outright upsets...And I’m the Man Who Finds Them!

Hank Goldberg Fast Break Basketball

Basketball Season is here, but too many fans and bettors aren’t paying attention. They’re focused on football. I sympathize. But I’m a champion handicapper because I don’t leave money on the table. And the reality is that the linesmakers are as unprepared for hoops as most bettors...because THEY’RE flooded with football. Finding the soft spots on the board is like picking a guard’s pocket in the backcourt and taking it in for the easy deuce!

12-5 Hank Goldberg Thursday NFL and CBB Hammer Play

Hank Goldberg has tonight’s NFL Thursday Night winner between the Cowboys and Bears -- and is passing that information on to you. Hank’s won 5 of his last 6 NFL Prime Time Games including winning with the Seahawks Monday.To complete Thursday’s Double Play, Hank has his #1 College Hammer Play Selection as a FREE Bonus.

Hank Goldberg FOOTBALL Hammer Plays - His Top Game

Hank Goldberg Hammers the NFL & College Football! Hank’s #1 Game, His "Hammer Play" If you want the BEST - Hank’s HAMMER PLAYS Are For YouJust one play each game day.

Hank Goldberg Daily Racing Best Bets


For over 30 years “Hammerin’ Hank” Goldberg has been the voice – and face – of Triple Crown handicapping.

A long term fixture in race forecasting and commentary, Hank Goldberg got his start as a ghost writer for the famous Jimmy the Greek. But since he started flying his own flag in the 80’s at NBC-TV, ABC-TV, CBS-TV and espn he has been unstoppable.

Hank is noted for his work on ESPN from 1993-2014 as a football reporter and analyst. He has been featured on NFL Countdown on Sports Center analyzing and predicting games, as well as Horse Racing Analyst and an ESPN radio host.

Hank is a horse racing expert, involved in Triple Crown Draw and Post Derby TV shows as a handicapper since 1996. He participated as a host or guest in 24 shows, including the Belmont and Breeders Cup.

Over that span Hank has picked more winners on camera than ANYBODY.

The reason may well be AUTHENTICITY

During all his award-winning seasons, “Hammerin’ Hank” not only gave out sharp race analysis on-camera; he did pretty accurate private race analysis off-camera. Hank BET the horses he talked about.
And so did a select group of his ardent loyalists.

Says Hank, “You could put it this way: I HAD SKIN IN THE GAME.”

To put it another way, when you have spent a lot of face time talking HORSES with Bob Baffert, Todd Pletcher, Steve Asmussen and Doug O’Neill,  you don’t have to wonder where the Winners Circle is. You’re IN it!

Care to join me? The Smart-Money has!


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