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Cambridge Analyticals

I’m Tom Keegan. I’m with Cambridge Analyticals, an offshoot of the Hong Kong Computer Group. We’re the group that made history at Hong Kong a few years back when we cracked the code and made a lot of money – based on the TOTAL computer analysis of every factor in a horse race. Over a dozen of us were racing to crack the code. The first to get there was Bill Benter, a former blackjack player who had an amazing knack for computer analysis. By official count…

Benter made $37,000,000 in profit
before Hong Kong invited him to leave!
(Just Google it to see for Yourself)

We were ALL banned, of course, but our group – Cambridge Analyticals – committed ourselves to applying the code that worked so well in Hong Kong to American racing. No easy task! Instead of 2 tracks, as at Hong Kong, we now had to figure for ALL the important tracks in New York, Florida, Kentucky, California and more – all with different course geometries, surface characteristics, weather variables, to say nothing of FIFTY times as many horses. Each with its own profile: Speed, running style, pace, recency, etc. And I haven’t even mentioned trainer, jockey, barn, “mind of the stable” and more. There better be some gold at the end of this rainbow or we are nuts!! Well, there is!


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