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Submitted by Hank Goldberg on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 9:24 AM

One Bowl game remains…the NFL Playoffs are on Round II…MAYBE NOW YOU SHOULD START PLAYING BASKETBALL. Or more precisely, START BETTING BASKETBALL and BEGIN COLLECTING with “Hammerin’ Hank” Goldberg

After decades on air at ESPN, ABC and other major networks as THE GUY BETTORS FOLLOWED TO THE WINDOWS, Hank’s extensive connections to the information that matters continues to make him your ultimate winning source.

But nothing says it better than his current 14-4-1 streak and 71% mark since December 1 with his FAST BREAK BASKETBALL SERVICE PLAYS…   

Monday 1/6
Magic (-4) over Nets 101-89 WON
West Virginia (-1.5) over Oklahoma State 55-41 WON
Sunday 1/5
Heat (-6) over Trail Blazers 122-111 WON
Washington (-4) over USC 72-40 WON
Illinois (-2) over Purdue 63-37 WON
Rhode island (-2.5) over Richmond 61-69 Lost
Duquesne (-3.5) over Davidson 71-64 WON
Xavier (-8) over St. Johns 75-67 Push
Saturday 1/4
Texas A&M (+14) over Arkansas 59-69 WON
Maryland (-8) over Indiana 75-59 WON
Harvard (-6) over UC-Irvine 77-73 Lost
Duke (-9) over Miami 97-62 WON
Syracuse (-3.5) over Notre Dame 87-88 Lost
Coastal Carolina (+2.5) over Georgia State 74-72 WON
Florida (-7.5) over Alabama 104-98 Lost
UNLV (-4.5) over Air Force 71-59 WON
Friday 1/3
Tulsa (+2) Temple 70-44 WON
Seton Hall (-6.5) over Georgetown 78-62 WON
Wisconsin (+8) over Ohio State 61-57 WON

With over 4 Months of Winning Opportunity remaining, now is the perfect time to START CHANGING YOUR WAGERING FORTUNES. AND do so at the special Season Price of ONLY $199 ($50 Per Month) or JUST $99 For One Month…(Get The Details And Sign Up Here)

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