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Submitted by John Conte on Monday, August 8, 2016 at 12:35 PM


It didn't matter if you were on the local feed from NYRA, on MSG Plus, on TVG or on HRTV and many other live racing outlets, the consensus was the same...FROSTED WAS ALL BUT UNBEATABLE in the Grade I Whitney at Saratoga on Saturday!

Even competing trainers more or less conceded the race to FROSTED. Todd Pletcher, who had class riser COMFORT as one of the five opponents to FROSTED said he only hoped his runner would show he belonged against his rivals. Mark Casse, who is having a good meet, when asked what his entrant NOBLE BIRD (winner of the Pimlico Special but beaten by FROSTED in the MET MILE had to do to reverse results in the Whitney more or less said, FROSTED has to make a mistake.

This unanimous consensus was of course based on FROSTED'S clinic of a 14 length win in the Met Mile on Belmont Stakes day and that he would be odds-on was a given.
Are there bettors who considered the eventual $3.00 Payoff from FROSTED's Whitney Win a gift? Of course there were, but those are the guys that wager $5,000 or $10,000 and are pleased with the $2,500 or $5,000 profit.  What about the $10 or 420 player, how does he make money from a $3.00 payoff?

I'm John Conte and I'm glad you asked because my clients and I just turned that $3.00 Winner into an $87.00 Payoff for every $12 investment and did so by playing one of, if not the best wagers in all of racing...the PICK 3.

Remember, handicapping is just the beginning of my process, as a full time bettor, wagering correctly so to maximize the betting dollar is equally important.  So on Saturday. Knowing that FROSTED was as unbeatable as the consensus said he was we SINGLED HIM in the Races 9-11 PICK 3.

In Race 9 it was TROPHEE and GUAPAZA. In race 10 FROSTED was the single and in Race 11 there were three runners LADY LARA, STORMY VICTORIA and ZINDAYA. That meant a $2 PICK 3 Play Cost $12 or 2 x 1 x 3.

In Race 9 TROPHEE was o0ff the board but second choice GUAPAZA was the winner. Of course FROSTED lived up to his billing and daylighted the Whitney fielde. When the top play LADY LARA won Race 11 (The De La Rose Stakes) the PICK 3 Paid $87.00.

You can view it in any number of ways but had you bet $12 on FROSTED you would have gotten back $18.00. By using him as the single, you might consider that as translating into a $2 win bet on the odds-on monster which got him to pay off at $14.50 (6 x $14.50 = $87.00.)

Let me repeat that HOW YOU WAGER is just as important as WHICH HORSES YOU WAGER ON. I said above that I consider the PICK 3 as a crucial part of my arsenal, which is why my clients receive a number of the sequences on my JOHN CONTE CONTEST GRADE and SARATOGA DAILY SERVICE.

Before I wrap up let me show you one example of why the PICK 3 is so valuable.

Had you bet each of the three winners separately a $2 wager (or $6.00) would have grossed $20.40...a $14.40 Profit.

Even had you been adventurous and parlayed all your winners to the next winner your Payoff would have been $56.70...a $54.70 profit from your initial $2 bet.
With the PICK 3 your initial $12 investment turned into $87.00 or a $75.00 PROFIT!

I'm John Conte and it is important that you understand that when I say PLAY THE HORSES I PLAY and MAKE THE MONEY I MAKE, you know you are in good hands.

Check Out My SARATOGA DAILY SERVICE BELOW and begin winning today.

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