NRM Big Five Derby Preps and Kentucky Derby

Build Bankroll in the Derby Preps, then Cash the Triple Crown of Your Life with the Big 5 of National Race Masters

Battle of the Handicappers

The rivalry is getting ugly, and the vibe is so bad, the cleaning lady just resigned. So, before the water cooler does a meltdown, we need help! Who’s the best handicapper of them all? Help us find out and get yourself a fantastic deal too!

WHO’S the best? YOU decide. Become a DOCUMENTER.
You not only render a verdict… You pocket some nifty profits!

Golden Gate Millionaires Club

Start cashing in on the Right Horse, with the right numbers, with the Right Shoes in the Right Race.

National Racemasters Consensus Best Bet Program


When the Best Handicappers Agreeon the Same Horses...There is NO BIGGER PROFIT PLAYIN THOROUGHBRED WAGERING!

Noel Michaels Aqueduct Handicapping Book and Best Bets

At the Big A Fall/Winter meet, bettors throw their money away on horses that Can’t win! In this 22 page booklet, Noel spells out what works and what doesn’t, so you always get your best shot at the money.

Noel Michaels Insight Handicapping Best Bets And Exotics

When You Put Together The Best Man With The Best Tools You Get Noel Michaels’ Insight Handicapping Best Bets And Exotics

Gulfstream Mid-Week Wednesday Win Spree

Go On a Mid-Week Win Spree Wednesday at Gulfstream with Premier Pro Handicapper Noel Michaels. Noel is All Over the Wednesday Card with Three Strong Win Plays, Plus a Best Bet Exacta Box and the Daily Double Play of the Day. Don’t Miss a Big Day at Gulfstream Park!

Gulfstream Thursday Win Extravaganza

We’ve Got Something Special In Store for You on Thursday at Gulfstream with a Variety of Strong Plays from Premier Pro Handicapper Noel Michaels. Get Three Strong Win Plays -- Including One Horse That Will Pay More than $20 -- Plus Two Daily Doubles, a Pick 3, and the Day’s Best Bet Exacta Box!

John Conte Contest Grade Best Bets And Exotics

John Conte Does Full Time What You Do Part Time And Wins More Fall Season Money At Belmont And Elsewhere Than At Any Other Time Of Year

John DaSilva Preferred Plays, Longshots and Exotics

John DaSilva, New York’s Number One Handicapper For 19 Years Sets His Sights On Major Circuit Preferred Plays, Longshots and Exotics Of A Lifetime

John DaSilva Derby Preps and Triple Crown

John DaSilva joins with the Clocker Alliance So you can ACE the Derby Preps & Build Bankroll for the Kentucky Derby, and win the Derby and Triple Crown too.

John DaSilva Wednesday Special

Start the racing week with winners

Jim Hurley Racing Double Digit Odds Only

The whales are doing us a big favor by betting only low-paying sure things. While they are monopolizing the chalk (because the rebate makes low odds/“sure things” profitable), they are leaving the rest of the field to us.AND HERE’S WHAT EVERYBODY’S MISSING: High odds horses are statistically MORE profitable because the big bettors aren’t betting them! But WE ARE...and winning.

2-22 Jim Hurley Wednesday Gulfstream Pick-3

I’ve got a good one one going this afternoon at Gulfstream. Color him green. His prior are good. His last hush hush workout was dynamite! He will be overshadowed in the betting by a false favorite. AND I’ve got the right horsibus moneybus in the 2 spot, too! Plus...My WAKE UP horse in the next race can’t stop nipping at his handlers = and his barn can’t hide their excitement. PLUS…the horse I’ve got wired up in the third race could give us the Pick 3 of the year!

Jerry Antonucci Santa Anita Daily Service

I’ve put together a daily package that takes the BEST PLAYS from my BEST TRACK, and PUTS THEM TOGETHER IN ONE EXCLUSIVE OFFERING.

New York Turf Racehorse Bible

Want to cash winners at the track? Fat, juicy winners that will put real dollars in your wallet?The GOOD news is that there is now a complete data base containing almost everything you need to know about every contending thoroughbred in North America. We call it the RACEHORSE BIBLE. It’s a data base based on the complete record of over 100,000 thoroughbred races that have taken place over the last year! CALL TODAY at 1-800-266-3994. There’s a lot of money to be made and can’t wait to tell you all the details!

NYTC Winter Racing Service

For over 40 years the NATION’S oldest continually running Thoroughbred Handicapping Outfit has made the New York circuit the centerpiece of their Winning Operation. That should come as no surprise to serious players because being situated right in the HEART OF THE NY SCENE no one gets better information on WHO WILL WIN and WHY at Aqueduct, Belmont, and Saratoga.


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